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Easy mangement of GDPR, NIS2 og governance without use of consultants.

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Achieve troublefree compliance with the Sparkle solution

Sparkle delivers an end-to-end automated governance platform that personalize your governance to your company:

Personalized dashboard for governance saving you time and effort focusing only on relevant tasks

Use our configurator for easy automated guidance and automated management of controls to live up to regulatory requirements - and your own IT security

Overview of the governance state of your IT assets and security in a single click

Relevant guides and policies library in a single place

Main modules and functions …

My dashboard

Sparkle delivers an end-to-end automated governance platform. Configure your company and receive the personalized proper set of controls, IT assets to govern and owners. Then sparkle with our easy to use portal overview of your overall status and actions for: Tasks, IT assets, Policies and your to-do. 

It also includes an intelligent advisor for tips and tricks. 

Easy governance overview - as a list or a timeline

De aktive governance kontroller vises enten som en liste eller i en tidslinje, hvor du nemt kan markere opgaver løst, se historik, sætte nye deadlines enten via et vindue eller ved at trække opgaven over tidslinjen grafisk.

Easy to configure standard controls and add custom controls

Use the automated configuration, to define your company and the relevant controls to comply. Then we build your list of governance steps and controls required with tasks, deadlines, owners and more. Often, you need custom controls in addition to our default setup, so we support you creating custom controls within each section.

IT assets

Sparkle comes with approx. 500 pre-configured applications. Via the IT asset module, you get full control over your critical systems in use, owners, controls and even key attributes such as MFA, encryption, restore time permitted etc. With alerts and overview, this makes your readiness plan actionable.

Policies and guide templates

The Sparkle solution comes with a set of policies and procedures, templates and readiness plan guides, making your governance easy to implement. You can use these templates, provide your content and upload to the appropriate controls so you always know what to do when.

My personalized page

Unlike manual and consultant heavy solutions, your personalized page will always display the tasks you are required to perform to be compliant.

The Sparkle Solution

Sparkle is an intelligent governance platform that provide a set of capabilities:

GDPR-module: This module can define and guide controls over personal data, process control in place for handling personal data, definition and policies for data processing requirements and controls over movement of data including international complexities. The kit also consists of a complete set of policies in the library. This is an ideal module to automate your GDPR governance, if this is handled more manually by consultants and/or excel/document folder and calendar entries.


NIS2-module: The NIS2 module gives you a good overview of NIS2 and the requirements in the directive. Via an easy configurator that guides you through NIS2’s complex rules for who is covered how, you get a quick insight into the directive’s impact on your company and automatically sets up the right compliance level for you. This includes us automatically creating the right controls, tasks, owners of these as well as the complete list of systems with associated NIS2-required data (encryption, backup, roll-back and downtime allowed, etc.), so that the foundation for the contingency plan is automated. The module also contains standard policies and a contingency plan template, which is designed to be tailored to your specific needs – so you, your employees and audit all have clarity and comply with the directive.

Key functions of the solution includes:

Rapidly configure only relevant governance controls

Easy provide a list of IT systems including attributes relevant for governance (encryption, 2FA, restore limits, owners etc.)

Auto-generate all relevant controls with support for owners, reviewers, start/end date and if repetitive how often. Support adding custom controls to augment our best-practice set of controls

Easy provide a set of policies as a basis for your governance education as well as templates to assist your work

Easy give you full overview of the state of your governance via dashboards, timelines and personalized tasks

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Sparkle is for small to medium size business'

Mange små og mellemstore virksomheder uses excel and consultants to manage governance manually. 

Sparkle is designed specifically for small and medium sized firms that are required to handle GDPR, NIS2 and custom governance. Our guided approach with minimum use of consultants required enables companies to get control in a digital way that automatically sets owners and show tasks required to stay in control.  A special module is designed to assist regulated NIS2 firms to get an early start on this requirement with educational materials, a base best practice set of controls and regulation overview.

Price and license model

Sparkle-platformen starts with a startpack including all controls and 5 brugere.

It your  team exceeds 5 users you can acquire more.  

For pricing send a request to support@sparklesecurity.net

About us

Sparkle is a EU based software company that delivers a complete SaaS based governance framework for GDPR and NIS2 solutions. The team behind Sparkle has long experience in governance for Small and Medium sized businesses and development of security software.